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I’m Bermudez Anali born in Peru made in Belgium. There I began my journey. School, work, marriage and 3 kids later I’m putting my knowledge, creativity and love for fashion to good use.

Equality between men and women is a hot topic now a days. But for me it started 12 years ago, creating the right mindset for my kids. I planted a seed by changing little things.

First Manufactura was founded on the believe that by changing that one word, color and mindset that divide us, we can achieve a huge impact on our children’s mind. Not forgetting all men and women were once little boys and girls. We want to raise awareness on the fact that by playfully teaching this to our children they will grow up seeing equality not as a question but a logical and self-evident way of living. Making them our next generation leaders!


“ To be liked is wonderful but to be understood is profound. ,,

Tell us your brand vision we want to know it, understand it and respect it.

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